This is it. One year since I started writing this daily blog. One year since I put my whole life out in the open. One year since I set myself free. 365.

Me at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan

‘Some call it an achievement, I call it a continuous journey’

One year that changed me.

Helped me to welcome growth.

And be comfortable with inconvenient change.

I put my life on the Internet for all to see.

Anyone could take a look and read it all.

Nearly 10,000 people read my blog over the course of the year.

And that could be the same person in different times.

But nearly 10,000 views.

That’s insane.

I can’t quite wrap my head around it.

But I never wrote this blog for anyone apart from me.

For me, the accountability drove me to write something every single day.

Throughout four different timezones.

I wanted to keep it to posting before 23:59 GMT for conformity.

When I was in the USA that was a bit harder.

Six hours behind led me to write about the day before rather than the day that I was living.

Around about October, I didn’t want to find a picture for the blog anymore.

I was over it.

But I persevered because I liked the accountability.

I’ve become used to taking on responsibility.

I like the challenge.

Although I wrote this blog for me, some people found interest.

Here’s why some even considered reading it in the first place:

Each month that the blog went by I learned something new.

From the blogs where I released all my anxieties about myself to the ones where I shared what I did.

I did a lot in 2018.

I had two holidays.

One to Budapest with Alex and one to Karachi with the family.

I was on high gear most of the time and produced results even I was unsure I was capable of achieving.

To this day, I’m still in awe at all the people I’ve met, reconnected with and shared memories with.

I documented by 2018 story.

One that was revolutionary.

One that was open.

I felt love.

Not from family or anyone, but from myself.

In the journey to find someone, I found myself.

Given this selfish journey, people continued to read, here’s some reasons why:

I always made the time for the blog.

But I never expected anyone to read it.

Because I wanted it to be a record.

One that I would refer to in dark times.

This year of writing made a lot of sense.

I had just gone on a study abroad semester where I learned a lot about myself.

I did a lot.

But I was ready for an invigorated 2018.

A 2018 which started off desperate.

Desperate for a job.

Desperate for self-satisfaction.

It wasn’t till April where I started to see some authenticity in myself.

Of course there were some parts that people liked and that’s why they read on, but some others shared their dislikes:

I didn’t start this blog to inspire anyone.

But maybe myself.

Someone who is usually self-motivated but struggles to finish things that he starts.

As the blog went on, I realise that it did help people, here’s how:

The respondents shared some final thoughts too:

So what happens now?

I will probably continue the write the blog.

But not to publish it to social media.

You can follow me here:

If you do so, you’ll get a post notification every time I post.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my life with so many.

Let’s see what 2019 has in store.

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