I really lack it for work.

I’ve been fine the whole year but now I’m struggling.

Procrastination coming too easy.

Will set goals and will achieve them.

Need to stop feeling guilty.

I deserve this.


I mimic other people or at least sync up.

I’m too aware not to.

But it havoced me today.

And it was annoying because that person had no skin in the game.

Frustrating but I’ll learn to deal with it.


I know I have work.

But I have no deadlines.

No aims to work towards. No pressure…

I’ve lived my whole life designed for pressure and now I don’t have any, I can’t be bothered to do the work.

I’d rather play golf all day; however, the work remains.

I’ve not gone gym.

Just worked on the golf game.

I’m in a real productivity slump.

The abandoned competition on Sunday really threw me off too.

I yearn to play.

Need to institute a system.

Half-days liked I talk about.

That’s how I’ll get through this time.


I haven’t written one of these in a while.

I’m feeling burnout… of golf.

I need to take a few days to actually reassess.

It’s not like I’ve played constantly, but competition golf can get to you.

I feel okay.

But ready to finish with a flurry.


Moving the needle is always a good idea.

It makes you feel more ahead.

More accomplished.

While I feel anxious about tomorrow’s fate, I remain optimistic about where my golf is headed.


I certainly do wonder why I do things.

For love or lust.

It can be very revealing indeed.

However, sometimes things are experiential.

And that’s just that.


The world really feels like it’s spinning at an uncontrollable rate.

So much going on, and I keep forgetting about key priorities.

Much of it is trivial; however, I do need to get myself in order.


When you don’t think about how you feel, for someone who thinks a lot, is usually a good thing.

Usually it is the other way around and we think too much.

However, it appears as though the shoe is on the other foot.

It is liberating to say it out loud.


I missed the blog the last couple of days.


I was too tired to think, let alone write.

Much of what is required for this blog is emotional availability and transparency.

I didn’t have that in surplus.

I felt fine overall.

However, I think this might be the best approach going forward.

Commit to the daily blog where I can and don’t feel bad if I miss it.


It’s easy to get irritated when someone is trying to make you annoyed.

It’s harder to know when it’s actually happening.

It can be in an instant.

Should really be more aware about it and let it be.


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