Actionable Thinking

Danial Naqvi
1 min readNov 12, 2019


A term I coined today.

I’m sure someone else has coined it before me, but I like it nonetheless

It refers to the state of the last few months.

I’ve been busy with Masters but I’ve also thought a hell of a lot.

More critically and purposively than ever before.

It is partly influenced by the people around me, but most due to the nature of the knowledge I’m interacting with every single day.

It represents a state of knowing how to proceed with ideas.

Or at least knowledge of what to do with them.

Dump them in notebook.

Archive them for later review.

Action now.

So often our thoughts escape our imagination never to return.

I like the idea of capturing as much as possible, and that is actionable.

So alas here we have actionable thinking.

Related, I think using actionable thinking time as a break from life is a great way to stay sane.

The sanctity of my mind might keep me sane.

Especially during Maggie week.

I did about two hours of it this evening, it helped some other people and was able to draw on previous experience.

It was a welcomed and necessary breather from the work I’ve been doing.

This idea of time blocking activities is definitely my productivity tool.

I’ve been able to be uber productive.

All down to something that’s changed in these last few months.

Actionable Thinking



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