Sometimes you just can’t seem to get the words out.

Maybe that’s all the time.

Sometimes we feel intimidated.

Sometimes we feel out of place.

It’s healthy, it’s uncomfortable.

Until it consumes us and stops us showing our real selves.

Then it’s a problem and one that other people have to accommodate to, are you scared of being the real you?

Scared of rejection or segregation? I get it.

I face it everyday and still hold my head high.

You get used to it, but one thing you can’t do is accept that is all you are in life.

The quiet ones often have the most to say.

It’s just a matter of courage and knowing how to say it.



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Danial Naqvi

Joint PhD Candidate Business & Management at Manchester & Melbourne| MSc UCL Science, Technology and Society | BA (Hons) QMUL Human Geography |