It’s important to count the small victories.

This time yesterday I was in a state of disarray.

I was lost, confused, and mostly angry at myself.

However, I wrote this blog after calming myself down and realising that this wasn’t all that much of a big deal.

Truth is I just didn’t belief.

This is a chronic problem.

It stems from bullying, but has been repeatedly been enforced by self-deprecation.

It’s not healthy, and it leads me down some dodgy paths.

But I persevered yesterday.

I tried — one last gasp — I completed it.

I finished all the words and send it to a friend to have a look.

They said it was a great piece.

It just shows how stupid your mind can be.

The best thing to do is to go tunnel vision, stop thinking and believe.

You’ll be better for it on the other side.


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