The day really just got away from me.

Hate when this happens.

Detest it.

But I can’t be too annoyed, it was a largely good day.

Puts more work on my plate; however, satisfied would be an understatement.

The truth is that I rely on being drained to know how useful I am.

The work is a process, and it’s never the goal, but the sensation of completion or progress is good.

However, drain will lead to elongated rest.

And that’s good, but it shouldn’t get that far.

I’ve decided that every week I will take one day rest, but I’ll split it over the week and the weekend.

This way I can feel a little less drained throughout the week.

Today it’s not working and that’s okay.



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Danial Naqvi

Joint PhD Candidate Business & Management at Manchester & Melbourne| MSc UCL Science, Technology and Society | BA (Hons) QMUL Human Geography |