When things matter, the preparation appears the most crucial.

It’s life or death.

However, as I’m preparing for something significant as we speak, I’m reminding myself that I can only do so much.

Also I perform better when I have the knowledge and I can answer the question rather than shoe-horn a pre-defined answer into a question.

Now, I need to prioritise how I prepare.

Strategise and be systematic.

Focus on what I can do, and not to worry for anything I’m not prepared for.

Everyone is human and honesty goes a long way.

I’m relying and hedging on my character to be able to see me through.

That is something, in these uncertain times, I have full faith in.



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Danial Naqvi

Joint PhD Candidate Business & Management at Manchester & Melbourne| MSc UCL Science, Technology and Society | BA (Hons) QMUL Human Geography |