Do you have a target on your back, or one to aim at?

There is a distinction between being yourself and being yourself to suit other people.

One has a target on its back, waiting to be found out.

The other tries to get better, aiming for the stars and settling for the moon.

But are these targets attainable?

I’ve set myself an aim, a goal, a target — if you will.

It seems somewhat attainable when I set it, but I ultimately believed I’d miss it.

So why set it?

I want to push myself to think, not just within, but beyond myself.

This target has been a helpful practice of self-certifying and self-motivating when time is plentiful.

I may write this blog somewhat hurriedly tomorrow, depending on the progress.

And I must keep reminding myself that the quality in and of itself doesn’t matter.

What matters is two things.

  1. The attempt
  2. The output

The attempt matters because it shows willingness to try, experiment and strike a balance.

The output matters because it means I got past personal overthinking barriers.

It also gives me something to work with, instead of waiting for something to appear.

All hands on deck.


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