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Danial Naqvi
5 min readFeb 12, 2017


Heya one and all, welcome to the next edition of the Danial chronicles. Not much to report this week, a few exciting things but all in all pretty bog standard.

This week revolved a lot around panicking about the lack of work I have done and how much I have to do. Realising that I have a degree to complete isn’t the best epiphany to have in the middle of February. Exams in May and a mock in March alongside countless assignments and a social life to maintain… shall I give up now?

Problem is, that there is 180 other people, who have the exact same issues and responsibilities as me. I can’t just say it’s me and demand pity. Time to stand up and take it like a man (well I old-looking boy). Motivating myself will be the key to either success or failure… I haven’t quite decided yet.

On the journalism front, I have an exciting assignment later next week which I am thrilled and honoured to be asked to do. As for the national magazine articles, there has been no progress and there won’t be until reading week, the week after next. The Print articles come out during reading week too, buzzing for those.

Anyone who read my blog yesterday, I hope you can take something from it, I feel it’s common sense but maybe some people just need to hear it from someone else but themselves. I’m probably just talking to myself here… but let’s just assume there’s an audience reading this. Please… I beg.

Oh yeah, another thing before we get into the summary… I’m now 20 miles away from reachinh 66666 miles on the stop-clock on my car. Having had the car for 3 years this month, it’s a nice anniversary present. Thanks VW Polo, you have been of great service xoxo gossip girl (obssessed with this show right now, can’t lie, last season will make me or break me, not even joking).

On to what you may have come here for…

Monday was interesting and jam-packed! Had my first group presentation in my university life, in front of a crowd of uninterested peers (don’t blame them, I would be the same) and two hard-to-please examiners. Piece of cake, right? Ha ha ha. Well… it went well, in all fairness and I was happy with the mark we received as a group. I left early from the presentation to go to a tutorial which was equally unhelpful as previously weeks. Bloody brilliant.

I managed to find some friends from second year that I met through the Commuters Soc and mutual friends, and ambushed their quite intense table tennis showdown. This one guy was just quite clearly on fire and there just to ruin everyone’s day. When I played him, all I wanted to do was end his career. Sounds harsh but he tried to end my life (I’m kidding), he just aggressively smashed the ball towards me and I got scared. Once I had convinced my friend to let me eat my lunch in his flat, I was on my way. Note to self: never join second years for table tennis unless you want to be humiliated.

My friend and I decided to play some balloon tennis back at his flat. The balloons were there I presume, from our other friend’s birthday surprise the previous Thursday. We had one spectator and he came in great use, I debuted using Instagram Live video. It is quite useful for these sorts of things, points in your life where you think you’re a baller but you are really just an idiot. Think I might have a shot at proposing a new sport to the IOC. Balloon tennis has to play a part in Tokyo, otherwise there is no fairness or fun in the world anymore… well I guess that’s true already… *sigh*. My friend managed to carve off the cork from the champagne with the balloon as well as taking out many wine glasses in the process of our frivolous exploits. Quite the enjoyment, but once again, a classic example of how I avoided my responsibilities. Need to stop doing that. Seriously.

The evening led to a reunion at Greedy Cow, yes I had camel again, yes I would go again. I would only ever go on Mondays though, you can get a 20% discount if you follow them on Twitter. Get at it people. You won’t regret it.

Tuesday was like having a weight lifted off my shoulders. Only thing of mere interest to report is my fresh trim. Greeted by all my friends at the 3pm lecture, the new look went down a treat. Definitely going back to Moustache again, true pampering experience. Head massage and cut-throat shave of the defining parts of the haircut such as sideburns and the back, perfect. Couldn’t ask for anything better. All for £12. Yes please and thank you.

Wednesday was a great day, one I won’t forget. Last day out with my best mate before he leaves me for 3 months (still a bit sore about that). We went to pick up his A Level certificates first after a month of avoiding it. A return to Beths is always welcome… not. Next we went for breakfast at the Walnuts Cafe, love the service there and one thing to mention. The thickness of the bread there is like chipboard, it’s humongous! It makes you full after one slice. Worth a try for sure.

We then headed to Knole Park, probably my favourite park in the South East of England. I remember the first time I went there, it was the day before A Level results day last year, it relaxed me so much. I actually had a full nights sleep before the big day, something I could have only dreamed about. We struggled using the Polaroid camera my best mate has, it took a picture and just like in the films we decided to shake it about like lunatics. Not realising it needs light exposure, which on a dreary, cold day was harder to find that one might think.

I had the most insane amount of road rage as well that day. Some people really have no idea how to drive and I can’t believe how people think they are supreme drivers when they can’t be bothered to put their indicators on. I must admit, I nearly took out a cyclist because he was acting like he was missing a few chromosomes. Anyway, my road rage has been stabilised over the last few years but there will always be the days where everyone is out to get me. Please don’t annoy me otherwise I will get triggered from the confines of my car.

Thursday was rather uneventful, except I realised truly how multi-disciplinary geography can be. Had a musical in one morning lecture and a biology lesson in an afternoon one. Perfect… just what I signed up for… oh wait…

Friday was the same, pretty much just bog standard university work but I had some lunch with one of my very good friends from the Commuters Soc who is an international student living in a family home in London. It was great to get his insight in his country’s problems in recent years and really get to know him better. Hope we can spend more time outside university together.

That’s about it. I have an exciting week planned. I will always keep in mind my success theory and never let go. Letting go is for quitters and I plan to do due diligence and pursue my dreams.

Peace out people and remember to not let yourselves down, you all work so hard to maintain your place in life

I’m out




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